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About Us

Vampire Bats are made by Old World Millworks, a midwest manufacturer since 1984.  We are best known for our top-quality stair and rail parts, custom stairs, doors and other millwork. 

We began making bats on our CNC lathe in 2006,  for some local teams, but as word got around, we decided to take them to the next level.  Clearly, our bats needed a name other than “Old World Bats.”  A clever team mom suggested the name Vampire Bats, and we loved it!  The dripping “blood” and the bat logo were added for bats that look that like no other.

​Early on, we called in a former pro player to guide us on specs, models and marketing.  He put our prototypes into play with several adult wood bat leagues, and used that feedback to help us define our product line.


Please note that we relocated in 2015, and are now located in Lily Lake IL.

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